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Brox Fish Farm
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    Aquafarming in the Cloud

    Experience aquaculture at your fingertips. Grow fish, crabs, shrimps and seashells together with your money.

    About Us

    Change the world, help in the development of aquafarming industry.

    The seeds of mudcrabs are in danger of depletion. This is due to the abuse of catching seeds in the wild. The supply of crablets is still the current gap in the industry.  Brox Fish Farm is bound to solve this problem. While production of polycultured mudcrabs, tiger prawns and milkfish are going on, research for seeds production will be conducted.

    Contribute in the development.

    There are many ways to contribute in the development of Brox Fish Farm.

    The easiest way is investing with bitcoin by buying Brox Fish Farm Coin in Waves platform. While the IT infrestructure is still under development, Brox Fish Farm Coin can be bought in Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

    You may also invest through PayPal if Waves DEX wallet seems too difficult. We would just create the Waves wallet containing the equivalent coins of the invested amount. The created wallet secret seed will just be sent through email. 

    Guiding Principles

    Our mission is to responsibly improve the aquaculture industry and to close the gap 

    between the global supply and demand by using innovation and modern technology. We are taking responsibility in the restoration and preservation of nature in every reached territory. 

    It is our vision to ensure that food is on every family's dining table through increased aquaculture production and getting everyone involved in the aquafarming industry. 


    We believe that honesty leads to prosperity. It is the only value the organization and the world needs the most. As we grow, more values will be realized but this value will still be the the most important. At the end of the day, since the investors are our customers, honesty is our final product.


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    The farm

    The farm is located just beside the town proper of Prieto-Diaz, Sorsogon.

    Brox Fish Farm

    Brox Fish Farm National HW, Maningcay de Oro, Prieto-Diaz, Sorsogon, Philippines


    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Saturday: By appointment

    Sunday: Closed